Demo 2011

by Tyrannicide

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released December 1, 2011




Tyrannicide Amsterdam, Netherlands

We're an angry political HC band from Amsterdam & Nijmegen (NL). We started playing in 2010 as a 3 piece, later D joined us on the second guitar.

Our music is about anarchy, ecology & animal liberation and all sorts of issues that we encounter in our daily lifes.

G - Git / Vox
D - Git / Vox
B - Bass / Vox
H - Drums / Vox
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Track Name: Question & Circle A
Q & Circle A

Will we wait, or will we fight?
Will we ever know when it's right?
What if we're too scared?
What if we're too afraid?
What if we're not ready?
Are we ever really ready?
Track Name: Wreck & Rebuild
Your Construction

You build it up
We tear it down
You make a buck
We fuckin drown

Your construction
Will fall down
Let's organize against the state
Lets build up something we don't hate
Your construction
Will fall down
Track Name: Down & Out
Down & Out

Winter brings its killing swords
chopping my toes without remorse
turning my beds into icy graves
making each day a mortal race

i'm forced out of view
i'm pitied for my look
my remedy must be fluid
to endure this sinister mood

all the contempt
all the hate
make me feel that i'm a waste

all the freedom
all the time
make me feel that i'm alive

We are all born without property. We are born without a home, without possessions, without prospects. It is our society that forces us to appropriate goods that belong to all of us. It is our society that tells us what is worth and what is not. It is our society that threatens us with exclusion and contempt if we do not follow its patterns. The very time you resign or loose your status from this society, you gain back your freedom.

’Homeless’ people are disdained for not taking part in a merciless competition, and the only remedy offered for them is a chance to rejoin the „rat race” they just left behind. Although these people are outside the system and can not get a hand on its goods, they live off of its scraps (since there is nothing left outside of it), thus dependent on it. Without our empathy, compassion and support of their struggle they are doomed to a dreadful existance.
As a great writer put it:
There is one kind of prison where the man is behind bars, and eveyrthing that he desires is outside; and there is another kind where the things are behind the bars, and the man is outside..
Let’s destroy both of them!