12" split /w Rivers Run Dry

by Tyrannicide

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Split LP with our Hungarian friends Rivers Run Dry.


released October 21, 2012

Album Artwork by Márk László
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Beau Eckhardt




Tyrannicide Amsterdam, Netherlands

We're an angry political HC band from Amsterdam & Nijmegen (NL). We started playing in 2010 as a 3 piece, later D joined us on the second guitar.

Our music is about anarchy, ecology & animal liberation and all sorts of issues that we encounter in our daily lifes.

G - Git / Vox
D - Git / Vox
B - Bass / Vox
H - Drums / Vox
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Track Name: Security
We secure you / Make sure you / You can’t run away / / For safety and security / / We secure you / Make sure you /
You can’t run away / / We’ll secure you / We’ll make sure you / Can’t run away / Won’t have you’re fucking say

With the false idea of the evergrowing threat of terrorism our society is more and more becoming one big control machine. More and more repressive legislation is forced upon us and there’s less and less we can do without it being stored in some database. Break down the control state, fight back while you still can.
Track Name: Woeds
The woods where we used to hide / Where we discovered many other lives / Who would share this earth with us for good / And ask nothing else, but to preserve our roots / / But alas man, settles to rule / Takes over nature and shapes it to its need / Embraces grey instead of blue and green / Turning a balance to an ever woe / / More Wood / More Coal / More Flesh / Less Earth / Up till now, man keeps abusing this nature / To avoid our darkest doom, we need earth liberation

Focusing on only changing the existing social structure will not necessarily lead us to a less destructive system
(more probably to the construction of another wasteland). Humankind is a part of an eco-system and not the sole
beneficial of it. Thus, any kind of struggle to reform a civilization built on the exploitation of its motherland, can
make no difference in respect of the lives suffering from its fatal effects.
Track Name: Unlearn
They’ve always taught us we shouldn’t lie / They’ve always taught us we shouldn’t steal / They’ve always taught us to show compassion / Now I see that none of that was real / / We’ve been raised with countless values that are only there to enforce the current social and economic order / If we want to create a non-hiearchical way of living together we’ll have to / unlearn / redefine / revolt / take back our lives

When we grow up we’re being taught several things on how to be ‘good people’. Don’t steal, don’t lie, be
compassionate towards other human beings etc. Values that, in our local context, originates from a christian (predominantly catholic) past. Where in the past it was the church that scared people into being ‘good people’ with the promise of heaven for those who subordinated we now have a ‘demoncracy’ that tricked people into believing that they are a fully responsible for what society is, how it functions and what it stands for. Yet again ‘our democracy’, economic wealth and social hierarchies are built on lies, stolen land and the blood of countless human beings. We should not live up to the demands of contemporary society and until we live in the ways we want to and have chosen for ourselves we decide who we steal from, who we lie to and towards who we are compassionate because we owe them nothing.
Track Name: AIDA
Attract attention / Generate Interest / Create Desire / Let's take up action / / Re-evaluate / Take a step back / Restrategize / And implement / We must Rethink our methods

Some of us are people trying to make the world a nicer place with less animal cruelty, more unspoiled nature and higher quality of life for everyone on the globe – everywhere. We also know perfectly well how to do that...
Type some text, print it out, xerox it 250 times and hand this stuff out at punkgigs. That’s great. But sometimes campaigns need a bit of a different approach. There is just not one standard way of doing things. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, analyze what you want to achieve and go for it. Also, there is this whole group of people, outside our punkbubble, that actually studied how to get your message across, and how the human mind works.
Pretty interesting if you ask me. This song is not an ode to people making money of terrorizing others though – surprise. It is dedicated to everyone trying to make shit good. Whether your change is gigantically small or amazingly huge. Hey, and we love punkbubble.
Track Name: Hollow
It’s not just actions / It’s not just campaigns / It’s about our fucking lives / / Hollow dreams, hollow hearts / Won’t fall for it.. / Hollow dreams, hollow hearts / Won’t settle for less... / / If anarchism means one thing it’s a redefinition of all our relationships / / Hollow dreams, hollow hearts / Won’t fall for it.. / Hollow dreams, hollow hearts / Won’t settle for less... than life!

This song is about the emptininess of some peoples conception of activism. When it’s merely about one issue and people fail to put it in context of a broader struggle that is not only about social and economic relations but also about personal relations and the simple demand that we want to enjoy our lives than we have about as much to discuss with them as with those who are in power right now.
Track Name: Holy everyday
Is this a holy thing to see / In a rich and fruitful land / Babes reduces to misery / Fed with cold and usurous
hands / / Is that trembling cry a song? / Can it be a song of joy? / And so many children poor? / It is a land of poverty! / / And their sun does never shine / And their fields are bleak and bare / And their ways are filled with thorns / It is eternal winter there / / (For where-e’er the sun does shine, / And where-e’er the rain does fall, / Babe can never hunger there, / Nor poverty the mind appall.) / With alms of surplus / Those palms are kept alive / By abjuring this worthless order / Those hands will remain idle

William Blake, the writer of this poem, had already remarked that philanthropy or charity is among the most
hypocrite inventions of civilization. States and Churches were/are always happy to offer indulgences for a good price. These acts of deception are there to “justify” what is just being destroyed.
Can you imagine that there are still societies hidden from our eyes (or rather escaping from our view), where the word charity has no equivalent part in the tribes language? Maybe because they do take good care of each other and not just pretending it...